Le format ChordPro consiste à insérer les accords entre crochets au milieu des paroles, juste avant l’endroit où ils doivent être joués. Lors de la compilation, les accords sont disposés au dessus du texte qui suit immédiatement. D’autres informations peuvent être spécifiées entre accolades (le titre, l’artiste, le début du refrain…).


{lang : en}
{columns :  2}
{title : Greensleeves}
{subtitle: Example of the chordpro format}
{artist: Traditionnel}
{cover : traditionnel.jpg}
{album : Angleterre}

{partition :}

A[Am]las, my love, ye [G]do me wrong
To [Am]cast me oft dis[E]curteously
And [Am]I have loved [G]you so long
De[Am]lighting [E]in your [Am]companie

   [C]Greensleeves was [G]all my joy
   [Am]Greensleeves was [E]my delight
   [C]Greensleeves was my [G]heart of gold
   And [Am]who but [E]Ladie [Am]Greensleeves

I [Am]have been ready [G]at your hand
To [Am]grant what ever [E]you would crave
I [Am]have both waged [G]life and land
Your [Am]love and [E]good will [Am]for to have

I [Am]bought thee kerchers [G]to thy head
That [Am]were wrought fine and [E]gallantly
I [Am]kept thee both at [G]boord and bed
Which [Am]cost my [E]purse well [Am]favouredly

I [Am]bought thee peticotes [G]of the best
The [Am]cloth so fine as [E]fine might be
I [Am]gave thee jewels [G]for thy chest
And [Am]all this [E]cost I [Am]spent on thee

{comment:test of comment}

{guitar_comment: test of guitar comment}

{image: traditionnel.jpg}

Thy [Am]smock of silke, both [G]faire and white
With [Am]gold embrodered [E]gorgeously
Thy [Am]peticote of [G]sendall right
And [Am]this I [E]bought thee [Am]gladly

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